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What Is A Full Service Marketing Agency?

A full service Marketing Agency is really just a more broad based relationship between our two companies. Where we undertake a business and marketing review of your business and present you with a measure action plan to increase your sales. In the planning we use ever medium deemed worthy – whether that be with online or traditional advertising.

Working with where you want to take your business, we will present to you a business and marketing plan to get your there. We will consider all channels to grow your business. We will help you in setting your business apart from the crowd.

Some of the channels and tactics we will consider are:

  • Third Party Site Advertising and Promotion
  • New Product or Service Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Targeted Content Writing and Blogging
  • Local Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Community Events
  • Customer and Staff Surveys
  • And So Much More!

Why Choose eosFirst As Your Full Service Marketing Agency?

A successful business needs to have its marketing “firing on all cylinders”.

The principle of eosFirst began his career working for the Ad Agency called Young and Rubicam.  We know marketing really well and how to cost effectively increase the your business revenue.

We are proud to have played a central role in the growth of many small businesses. We can undertake business & marketing planning and execute the plan.

We have over 30 years business and marketing planning experience to offer you. We have a in-depth understand of small business marketing to add to your business.

We do it all, acting as full service Marketing Agency for your business we take care of all the marketing needs of your business. We can support the online and offline marketing of your business and all the other pieces such as website design, graphics and content writing, email campaigns, social media marketing and paid advertising.

Consider eosFirst To Be Your “In-House” Business Advisors and Marketing Team

We have been involved with many businesses over the years. There are few situations we have not run into ourselves or though our clients.

For many of our customers we are their business strategy and marketing department. For other clients we act as an extension of their marketing team offering support where needed. Coming in and out of the company given the circumstances. Marketing team members on vacation, a new product or service launch, or any other reason you need us to be involved.

We love Business and Marketing Planning, starting with your overall business goals and helping you to clarify that goal and put it into action. We would love to discuss your business needs further, please give us a call at  800-921-2681 or contact us via an email.

You Are Interested, What Are The Next Steps?

We live and breath online marketing. We like how our efforts are often tied directly to increased profitability for your business. Contact us today and let us help your business succeed.

CASE STUDY : The Added Touch

We Were Able to Support Sales Growth From $70,000 to $7.5 Million Dollars in Sales

We were able to transform The Added Touch business into one of Canada’s largest online stores. Over a steady period of time, the online business grew so profitable that it greatly exceeded the regular channel sales. The eosFirst team knows how to drive more customers to your website and business.

The Added Touch

Internet Marketing In A Nutshell


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Site Optimization)
  • SEO Content Marketing Blogging
  • SEO Link Building
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization – Organic)
  • SEM Email Marketing
  • SEM Offline Traditional Advertising

All of these marketing mediums in conjunction work together to help brand and promote your online business.

Book a Free “No-Strings At All” Consultation For Your Business

With our service, you get real expertise from successful business people. The founder of eosFirst owned and operated one of Canada’s largest online business and has over 20 years of developing websites, internet marketing and maintaining business infrastructure.

We Are As Excited About Growing Your Business As You Are!


Growing small businesses like yours is our passion. Being small business owners ourselves, we appreciate how important it is to wisely spend each dollar. We are hard-wired to ensure all clients receive the best service value possible.

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