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We Offer a Wide Range of Business IT Services

Business Computer Server Set Up and Support

 Your Company’s technology must constantly move forward to gain sales and bring greater efficiency.

The only purpose of your Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is to aid the bottom line of your business. Sometimes IT support companies get lost and fail to see that your IT infrastructure is only a tool to support the profitability of the business and not only the performance of the IT underpinning.

Maximize Sales and Business Efficiency

We support integrating your IT with your business strategy. We focus on your business and marketing goals to determine the technology required.

We Pride Ourselves on Being Cost Effective

We have expertise in all aspects of running and maximizing the performance of a business. From computer hardware & software, to website/office integration, database development, lead/sales management and overall ways to optimize your business.

We Are Able To Think Out of the IT Box to Your Bottom Line

  • Business Integration
  • Business Computer Server Set Up and Support

    We pride ourselves on our ability to think “out of the IT box”. We look beyond the technology to the overall needs of your business and make the right IT decisions.

    The ability of the selling site to integrate seamlessly into your overall operation is as essential as the online website. The online site is just one part of your business.
    We look at your overall business operations and find the important IT pieces to aid the success of your business. We have extensive experience tying your online operations with your offline operations.

  • eCommerce
  • Business Computer Server Set Up and Support

    USA from/to Canada Selling – If you sell products, our team has extensive experience operating across the border. We can assist you in selling from Canada to the USA or Vis Versa.
    Inventory Loading – Depending on the state of your data, it can be fairly straight-forward tying inventory to your website or more substantial with elements lacking. We can support your offline to web inventory data integration.

    Business Computing Technology Support & Solutions

  • Server Installation & Configuration
  • Business Computer Server Set Up and Support

    We can install, upgrade or repair your business computer server. We can set up a variety of non-windows and windows based servers. Regardless of our recommendation and your choice, your business is guaranteed stability and flexibility.

  • Network & Wireless Configuration
  • Business Computer Networking Wired and Wireless

    We can set up or reconfigure a land-based and/or wireless company LAN. Even if you already have an established computer network we can assist with quickly expanding it with wireless systems to accommodate your new business needs. Surprisingly the cost of creating or adding to a network via wireless is minimal. You can extend your current wired network for as little as a few hundred dollars.

  • Disaster & Backup Preparation
  • Business Computer Disaster & Back Up Set Up and Support

    A proper backup is essential to ensure the survival of your business in the event of a hardware failure, burglary, fire or other event. The most important IT decision you can make for your business is a properly working backup on every machine. It is also one of the more affordable IT decisions you can make. We will also review your onsite and offsite backup support, having machines ready to undertake the role of an essential machine (ie server) that could fail.

  • Remote Computing
  • Business Home Remote Computing Set Up

    We can securely link any computers and devices for remote computing from anywhere. We can help you review your remote computing needs and recommend the right solution for external access to various machines. Often considering a number of solutions, such as Google Apps, company intranets. Also connection functions such as Windows Terminal Services, Teamviewer, Logmein and others.

  • Office Computer Move, System Setup, or Upgrade
  • Business Computer Upgrade, Set Up, Transfer

    If you are upgrading or changing the roles of machines in your business, we can facilitate this process. Whether your office is downsizing or up-sizing we can assist you. We will support you from the planning, purchase to implementation.

    Let Us Review Your Business Technology and Guide Your Business to Greater Efficiencies and Revenue

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