Your Lesson From The Halloween Guide To Trading Candy Instruction Video

The Guide To Trading Halloween Candy: Lessons For Your Business

I was reading a local newspaper today and noticed a link to this video. While of course the video is a humorous tongue in cheek guide to trading your Halloween Candy, there are some lessons for business owners.

Lesson One: Get Online – Everywhere and Anywhere You Can

The one thought in viewing this video (outside of its homour) is that everything you need to or could ever want to know is on the Internet.

The Internet is ever increasingly closing in the world. For an example, the other day I was in a line up at the Motor Vehicle Branch and 9 out of 10 people where on their smart phones in the line up. While one year ago there would have only been a few.

Regardless of your business, you need to get online and start to promote all aspects of your company now. From hiring to selling, the use of the Internet is not a “luxury” anymore, it is essential to the success and survival of your business.

Lesson Two: 1.5 Million Hits And Counting For This Video – Give Value

It is very important to offer value to your customers. Give them something they can use. Be as forthright with information as much as possible. If you sell something online give them links to the competitors! Well maybe not, but the idea is to give them all they need to know from you. If you don’t, they will just simply leave you and go to another search and find someone who can.

A business can no longer control the information, more and more it is being controlled by the consumer. You need to give them all that they want or they will go elsewhere, they did not drive 1/2 an hour to see you – they found you in seconds and can leave in seconds.

Lesson Three: Some Candy Is Better Than Others – But You Won’t Know Until You Start Trading

One of the most important aspects of Internet online development is the two way process. Through the process of building your online relationship with potential and existing customers you need to measure the effectiveness of the communication.

While this humorous Halloween Candy Trading video may have been created for the pleasure itself, however it is possible the an important purpose of the video is to draw people in to become Youtube “Buzzfeed” subscribers.

Oh…Another Important Piece of Information

If there are any traders out there who like Necco Wafers or the Yellow and Black Gooey Candies, make sure to send me an email.

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Garrett Hall is an online marketing & development expert with eosFirst AuroraCon. eosFirst is a website design, online development, online marketing and information technology consultancy.

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