Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Class 4 Overview

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Class Two Overview

Here is some related information to Class Two. Hopefully the assortment of information presented, gives you a bit of insight into the current “Real World” of Digital Marketing. If you want to bookmark this page and related links, it will be updated from time to time.

The key aspects of the In-Class One Instruction are:

  1. Unlike Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing moves extremely fast. Your advertising needs to be measured and reacted to quickly to optimize your marketing. Also, because you have no direct interaction with the marketing prospect, online measurement is essential in order to understand the effectiveness of your message.
  2. There are a wide assortment of tools/tactics and channels you can utilize with Digital Marketing. In your planning, you want to consider as many tactics and channels as possible. But be ready to follow a “successful “hit” and leave the other promotional ideas on “pause”. With the dynamic aspect of Digital Marketing, one promotion can “take on a life of its own” and with this success, you would ideally transfer the Marketing message to other promotions.
  3. With the last Google algorithm update, “Content Marketing” is now the cornerstone of Digital Marketing.
  4. With any Digital Marketing planning, the plan needs to follow the greater Business Planning objectives. Marketing is an essential part of Business, in that it drives in the Customers/Revenue. It needs to align with the greater Business Operations and Goals.
  5. Don’t forget the importance of “the offer” or sales pitch to get your prospect to act. It is a key weapon as a marketer…it is timeless, never will go out of style.

Hopefully the information presented spurns you on to search out more information with time.

Digital Marketing Growth and Careers (your book covers this off well)


Digital Marketing is growing at a tremendous pace and your learning in this class should bring great rewards:
Growth of Digital Marketing and Career Aspects

Digital Marketing Is “Time Based” and Strategic


Unlike Traditional Marketing,. Digital Marketing is more “Time Based” in emphasis (read the results and then act quickly):

Here Is A Discussion of The Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing
Simple Time Based Marketing Planning Template

Digital Marketing Summary


Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. The basic tactics and channels of Digital Marketing are summarized in this webpage:
Internet Marketing In A Nutshell
Also as mentioned…remember – Content Marketing is the cornerstone of Digital Marketing at this point.
SEO For Beginners
Below is a ink for to Download a “Guide To Content Marketing”
Content Marketing Guide PDF Download
Here is an interesting discussion of a Landing Page, also note the importance of an “offer”:
Landing Page Webinar

Digital Marketing Planning


It is important to appreciate that Digital Marketing has to tie into the overall business goals (it does not matter what size the business is).
Internet Marketing Planning – Step by Step

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