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Biggest Difference Between Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing is a Much More dynamic Process than Traditional Marketing


Even viewed from a traditional Marketing background, it is easily understood that Internet Marketing is built on a wide assortment of methods to build sales via keywords, images and behaviour. Less obvious, Internet Marketing has an extremely effective feedback loop via the many forms of analysis unlike Traditional Marketing.

All aspects of an Internet Marketing Plan should have some type measurement. And as important, your plans should allow for an adjustment after the first month. Unlike traditional marketing, Internet Marketing allows you to:

1) Read the effectiveness of a marketing activity very quickly, often within days; allowing you to rapidly adjust your offer, product/service (in some cases), medium, etc.

2) Allows you to follow an Internet Marketing element/aspect (ie Youtube, Pay Per Click, content page, display ads, etc) that is succeeding and very rapidly expand upon it.


An Internet Marketing Plan Should Be Adapted Each Month in Light of Incoming Measurements


With Digital Marketing, unlike Traditional Marketing, the planning process needs to be more fluid. Or better stated, the planning process CAN BE more fluid. With your first Digital Marketing efforts, you should attempt a diverse mixture of promotions, so that you can quickly ascertain viable Digital Marketing efforts.

Reading your results after one month, you want to adjust your Internet Marketing Plan accordingly. Changing or capitalizing on working Offers, Products or Services and Mediums being used. Each and every month, the Internet Marketing plan is a living document, adjusting with each new month.

With Traditional Marketing, changes occurs over time with the planning process; a quick roll-out of what is working is often not possible.



Four Pillars Of Online Marketing

I. Site Structure & Content – Important for brand, sales and search.

II. Overall Company Integration – The success of your efforts lies in appreciating the importance of this.

III. Search – Organic, PPC and other mediums to support customers finding you.

IV. Measurement – Financial performance and customer satisfaction.

All of these marketing mediums in conjunction work together to help brand and promote your online business. This leads to a rise in online sales as you attract new customers.