Should Your Canadian eCommerce Store Be Selling In USA?

Should Your Canadian eCommerce Store Be Selling In USA?

It All Depends on Shipping Costs

Expensive to Ship From Canada to the USA

Domestic shipping rates in Canada are much higher than domestic shipping rates in the USA. Unfortunately, shipping rates for sending packages from Canada to the USA are even higher. However, for higher priced and/or smaller items you might find it affordable to ship to the United States. The price of shipping is going to be approximately $6.00 dollars on the low end to $30.00 dollars on the high end for most items.

How Can You Get USA Sales?

The most likely source for USA sales are:
1) Your home website
2) Ebay with your goods listed for delivery into the USA
3) Setting up an Amazon USA account

The Ideal Canada to USA Shipping Option

Ideally, you want to get your packages taken across the border and into the USA domestic mail stream. If you have enough USA orders, you can do this yourself (I have set this up for other companies – they even take back supplier product on the return trip back).

Or you can find shipment forwarders who will bring the goods across. You need a reasonable level of USA orders to do this as well. You could start with shipping orders across via Canada Post and then know that at some point your shipping costs with decrease.

Good Luck

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