Failed to retrieve directory listing – GoDaddy & Filezilla Error

Failed to retrieve directory listing – GoDaddy & Filezilla Error

NOTE: Each problem is unique. This was one solution, you can try it and move on to another possible solution if it does not work.

DATE OF PROBLEM: Jan 13, 2015

Windows 7 Computer
No antivirus other than Microsoft Essentials

When connecting to GoDaddy hosting FTP while using Flezilla the following error occurs.
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

Encryption set to –> Only Use Plain FTP (Insecure)
In speaking with GoDaddy they said this was a know issue…and would be fixed at some point.

1) Changing Transfer Mode from Passive to Active.
2) Changing Transfer Mode from Active to Passive.
3) Changing Transfer Type from Auto to Binary.
4) Adjusting the GoDaddy FTP password in the cPanel.
5) Ensuring the Port for Flezilla was set okay in Windows Firewall.

1) You can log directly into GoDaddy and use the Final Manager (found in your cPanel)


Should Your Canadian eCommerce Store Be Selling In USA?

Should Your Canadian eCommerce Store Be Selling In USA?

It All Depends on Shipping Costs

Expensive to Ship From Canada to the USA

Domestic shipping rates in Canada are much higher than domestic shipping rates in the USA. Unfortunately, shipping rates for sending packages from Canada to the USA are even higher. However, for higher priced and/or smaller items you might find it affordable to ship to the United States. The price of shipping is going to be approximately $6.00 dollars on the low end to $30.00 dollars on the high end for most items.

How Can You Get USA Sales?

The most likely source for USA sales are:
1) Your home website
2) Ebay with your goods listed for delivery into the USA
3) Setting up an Amazon USA account

The Ideal Canada to USA Shipping Option

Ideally, you want to get your packages taken across the border and into the USA domestic mail stream. If you have enough USA orders, you can do this yourself (I have set this up for other companies – they even take back supplier product on the return trip back).

Or you can find shipment forwarders who will bring the goods across. You need a reasonable level of USA orders to do this as well. You could start with shipping orders across via Canada Post and then know that at some point your shipping costs with decrease.

Good Luck

Any thoughts? Ideas? Insights? Questions? Just post a comment down below.

How To Maintain Your Online Brand

Tips In Maintaining Your
Online Brand

Tip One: Setting Up Your Web Presence

Your Name: Of course an important part of your online platform is a website that includes your name in some form. Even if you are not ready to to begin getting serious about your online brand, you might want to consider “parking” a name domain if it is available.

Your Expertise: There are countless ways to set up your website and social media content. Most likely this will involve some sub-domains highlighting your chosen areas of expertise. Start gathering and organizing everything that relates to your online brand.

Tip Two: Don’t Hold Back

Let Them Know You: Your online platform is about you presenting a genuine persona to those seeking your expertise. Try to let others get a feel for who you are as a person. It does not have to be too personal, but enough to set you apart from the “online person next to you” selling the same service.

Give Them Something of Value: There is nothing more important we can point out on this page. It is the most common mistake made by those setting up an online brand. Give them something to reward them for finding you! They most likely had a question, answer it for them and they will remember you. And besides, if they don’t go further with you, there are very important Search Optimization factors that come from being linked to and how long they stay on your website, etc.

Tip Three: Stay Current and Engaged

Stay Current: You have to stay relevant! New articles and information and social updates should be planned and to occur regularly. It helps to build up a following and presents the “best online you” to any new Internet seekers.

Stay Engaged: The Internet is a “two way” medium. You need to stay engaged with what is occurring in your area of expertise and what is being sought out by the Internet searchers. Often through analysis, you can even react to what is bringing people to you that you have not considered.

Tip Four: Your Online Profile Is Made Of A Lot Of Breadcrumbs

Website: Your website will be a mixture of art and science, structured effectively it will make your content available to those you want to entice. However, with content there are no short-cuts. Little by little as you build up your website with valuable information. you will find yourself being sought out more and more; but it takes time.

Social Media: Social media is currently a bit overrated. However it is still important to your online brand. It can take some time to get your social media presence noticed, but when it does, it can be extremely powerful in establishing your online brand.

Third Party: Often depending on your industry, you can find services and associations that can bring traffic to your online presence. Often, this is the greatest source for new leads.

All of these mediums in conjunction work together to help develop your online brand. This leads to an achievement of your goals as you attract new viewers. Contact us today and we can guide you through your online development.