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Want To Watch South Asian Online Television

Watching Indian / Pakistan Online Streamed Recorded TV (Click any Link Below)

Indian Online TV:Indian Online TV:Indian TV With No Stream:
GEO TVMetro OneZee Cinema (not active)
Zee TVA Plus8XM TV (not active)
Star One TVApna TVDin News (not active)
NDTV 24Apna News TVExpress News (not active)
Such TVSohni-Dharti TvNews One (not active)
Aruj TVStar PlusTV Asia
Vibe TVGeo NewsSony TV (SET)
AljazeeraATV TVKook TV
Vibe TVRoyal News
Star PlusPTV News
PTV NewsCNBC Pakistan
Zee NewsAry QTV
Dawn TVAry Digital
Sindh News TVAaj News
Sindh TVWaseB TV
Hum TVMasala TV

Watching Indian / Pakistan Online Internet Live TV (Click any Link Below)

Indian Live TV:Indian Live TV:Indian Live TV:
GEO TVMetro One LiveZee Cinema x
Zee TVA Plus Live8XM TV x
Star One TVApna TV LiveDin News Live
NDTV 24Apna News TV LiveExpress News Live
Such TV LiveSohni-Dharti LiveNews One Live
Aruj TVStar Plus LiveTV Asia
Vibe TV LiveGeo NewsSony TV (SET)
AljazeeraATV TV LiveKook TV Live
Vibe TV xRoyal News Live
Star PlusPTV News
PTV NewsCNBC Pakistan
Zee NewsAry QTV
Dawn TV LiveAry Digital
Sindh News TV LiveAaj News Live
Sindh TV LiveWaseB TV Live
Hum TV LiveMasala TV Live
- Pakistan TV Portal (somewhat works)
- Ebound Istream Portal
- Haramri Portal
- Online TV Junction Pakistan Portal
- Online TV Junction Inidan Portal
- Apna Live Portal
- WatchIndia.TV Paid Portal

Contact Us To Get You Setup

There are many ways to sign-up to online channels in addition to configure your entertainment system.

Contact us to assist you with this process and to maximum your entertainment experience. The average set up cost for this service, including Travel Time, is $100.

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Don’t Forget The Canadian and American Online TV As Well!

There is a large assortment of Canadian and USA Programing avaliable for free online streaming.

Almost any TV show you want to watch can be found online.



How To Turn Your TV Into An Internet Entertainment Center

Below is the most basic configuration, there are more advanced ways to increase your viewing selections and media output.

Step One – Link Your Internet Access able Computer To Your TV

Your computer most likely has a VGA (maybe DVI or HDMI) output. Also, depending on the age of the TV, it most likely has a VGA (maybe DVI or HDMI) input. Link the two together, if your computer and TV do not match on output/input, you will need converters.

Step Two – Link Your Computer To Your TV and Ideally Into A Sound System

If you use an HDMI connection you will have sound travel from the computer to TV automatically. If you are using a DVI or VGA you will need to connect the audio output jack from the computer to the audio input of the TV. If the TV does not have an audio input, you will need to connect the computer audio to a set of speakers. For maximum sound performance you can split the computer sound and have it also input into a sound system.

Step Three – Connect Satellite, Cable, Antenna to Your Computer and TV (Optional)

With the right Hardware and Software configuration it is possible to remove the need for Satellite, Cable or an Antenna.

There is Canadian online TV and with a USA Link, you can get an incredible assortment of Television shows via the Internet.

Contact us to assist you with signing up to the various services, selecting and utilizing the various electronics. We will optimize your entertainment system. We can even integrate your entertainment system set up with your home office.

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We will be happy to assist you.

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Is There Any Paid Online Internet TV Without Subscribing to Cable?

Yes, there is Netflix which offers non-current TV series and movies costing $8.00 per month.

However, very important to ensure that your Internet provider package allows for higher usage. Neftlix streaming can use up a lot of bandwidth. There is a setting in your Netflix account to reduce the amount of Bandwidth a show uses.


Or To (with the USA Link)

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Some valuable tips

Contact us today and we can guide you through this process.

Step One – Link Your Internet Access able Computer To Your TV

Step Two – Link Your Computer To Your TV and Ideally Into A Sound System

Step Three – Connect Satellite, Cable, Antenna to Your Computer and TV (Optional)

All of these marketing mediums in conjunction work together to help brand and promote your online business. This leads to a rise in online sales as you attract new customers.

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