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Why Pick Us?

Looking at all the online development firms, how we differ is that we are in part business leaders in addition to developers. We get the bigger the picture. We are highly focused on getting you that necessary revenue or cost costing to ensure the health of your business. We are not in a some online "ivory tower". We understand business first and foremost.

We Offer A La Carte Online Development Service

There are three service areas:
  • Online Development
  • Marketing and Information
  • Information Technology
You may only require one aspect of our three services or have needs across all areas. We will review your goals and give you some insight from our experience. We will outline a development path that works for your business.

Learn More About 3 Service Areas
Phase One: Fill Out Our Online Development Questionnaire
  • 1.1: Online Development Evaluation
  • eosFirst - Online Development Evaluation1.1: Online Development Evaluation

    We will begin the service process with an evaluation of your Online Development goals. By filling out our Online Development Questionnaire – CLICK HERE we will get the process started.

    Usually in about a day or so we will review your Questionnaire and outline your estimated costs and next steps.

  • 1.2 We Review Evaluation and Contact You
  • 1.2: Online Development Evaluation Review

    Usually in about a day or so we will review your Questionnaire and outline your estimated costs and next steps. Depending on the support you require, we will perform all or some of the development work below.

    Phase Two: Website Development Current or New
  • 2.1: Website Design & Structure
  • Home Computer Security2.1: Website Design & Structure

    Given your answers to the Online Development Questionnaire, we map out the overview design and structure of your new website or changes to your existing website.

  • 2.2: Website Functions
  • Home Computer Security2.2: Website Functions

    We build out any necessary aspects of your Online Development. Aspects such as eCommerce, Payment gateways, Subscription service, etc.

  • 2.3: Website Content
  • Home Computer Back Up2.3: Website Content

    Website content is one of the hardest aspects of a website. It takes a lot of time to development search friendly relevant content.

    There are two aspects to website content. The first is content that you need to have to allow your site to service your customers. The second aspect is the content that is optional and it’s primary purpose is to drive search traffic to your website.

  • 2.4: Website Images
  • Home Computer Virus Spyware Malware Removal2.4: Website Images

    There are three types of images for your site:

    1) Basic pages such as your home page, about us pages images.
    2) Content or Landing pages images.
    3) Product or Service images.

    We can direct you in producing the necessary images or support your necessary images with our creative team.

    Phase Three: Online Marketing (and Offline)
  • 3.1: Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Home Computer Printer Repair & Support3.1: Website Search Engine Optimization

    We overhaul your website to ensure the content and structure is formed correctly for search.

  • 3.2: Social & Organic Search Marketing
  • Wireless Wired Networking Set Up3.2: Social & Organic Search Marketing

    We assist in the creation of the necessary content to drive in search.

    We also integrate your website with all the important social marketing properties. Also many free listing sites to aid traffic.

  • 3.3: Paid Search Marketing
  • Software Hardware Installation3.3: Paid Search Marketing

    While organic and social marketing is free, it can take months for it to take affect.

    In the many situations, the right value driven paid advertising can give you immediate traffic.

  • 3.4: Outbound Marketing
  • Home Computer Repair Support3.4: Outbound Marketing

    Establishment of a customer list and outbound email marketing service.

  • 3.5: Non-Online Marketing
  • Home Computer Repair Support3.5: Non-Online Marketing

    I can think of few companies that do not aid from some non-online marketing. This is an important consideration in your website marketing.

  • 3.6: Measurment
  • Home Computer Repair Support3.6: Measurment

    You will need to measure your offline and online marketing.

    Phase Four: Information Technology & Business Improvement
  • 4.1: Hardware Review
  • New Compupter Installation4.1: Hardware Review

    We take a look at your hardware and see if there is any equipment that can either increase your revenues or give you operating efficiencies.

  • 4.2: Software Review
  • Online Internet TV Set Up4.2: Software Review

    We look over your software to once again see if there are any software that can assist you in increases company reviews or driving down operating costs.

  • 4.3: Online Process Review
  • Online Internet TV Set Up4.3: Online Process Review

    We look at your computer hardware, equipment, offline and online software and online presence and see if we can find revenue growth opportunities or cost efficiencies.

    Phase Five: Ongoing Updates and Development
  • 5.1: Website Updates
  • 5.1: Website Updates

    Ongoing your site will need operational updates.

  • 5.2: Content & Image Updating
  • 5.2: Content & Image Updating

    Ongoing your site will need content/photography updates.

  • 5.3: Marketing Updating
  • 5.3: Marketing Updating

    Ongoing you will want to be marketing your site. Updating of PPC, keywords.


    How Can We Help Your Business?

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