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When setup correctly Paid Advertising & Promotion can very cost effectively increase your sales. At a first glance Online Paid Adverting can be very intimidating. We can help you navigate through the maze of Advertising channels to cost effectively promote your business.

We are Business Marketing experts – we have 20 years of experience in online and traditional offline advertising.

Online Advertising & Promotion For Your Business

Paid Advertising can get very expensive quickly! How cost effective is it for my business?

We have been doing this for a long time, we know what works and does not. We will help you pick the right Advertising mediums and most importantly advise you how to use them most cost effectively..  We will setup, create content, select images, design, and publish your Advertising. We will setup a budget and measure your performance to ensure profitability.

Call or send us an email to find out how eosFirst can support your Paid Advertising efforts:

  • Setup and Manage PPC (Pay-For-Click) Search Advertising with Bing and Google Adwords
  • Facebook and Twitter Paid Advertising
  • Promotional Advertising on other Websites

Paid Offline and Online Advertising

A few years back Online Paid Advertising was a lot more effective than Offline Traditional Advertising. However in the last few years as there are more Business using Online Paid Advertising, it is once again worth selectively using Traditional Advertising.

eosFirst can support all your Paid Advertising needs:

  • Attractive designed Ads that support your brand.
  • Offer based Ad content to get you maximize results.
  • Ad placement with the right content for the Ad medium.
  • We can handle it all!

Paid Advertising and Promotion Can Very Affordably Bring In New Sales

We love planing and executing Advertising campaigns. For a no-pressure discussion about your website and digital marketing give us a call at 800-921-2681 or send us an email. We can help you gain more customers.

You Are Interested, What Are The Next Steps?

We live and breath online marketing. We like how our efforts are often tied directly to increased profitability for your business. Contact us today and let us help your business succeed.

CASE STUDY : The Added Touch

We Were Able to Support Sales Growth From $70,000 to $7.5 Million Dollars in Sales

We were able to transform The Added Touch business into one of Canada’s largest online stores. Over a steady period of time, the online business grew so profitable that it greatly exceeded the regular channel sales. The eosFirst team knows how to drive more customers to your website and business.

The Added Touch

Internet Marketing In A Nutshell


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Site Optimization)
  • SEO Content Marketing Blogging
  • SEO Link Building
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization – Organic)
  • SEM Email Marketing
  • SEM Offline Traditional Advertising

All of these marketing mediums in conjunction work together to help brand and promote your online business.

Book a Free “No-Strings At All” Consultation For Your Business

With our service, you get real expertise from successful business people. The founder of eosFirst owned and operated one of Canada’s largest online business and has over 20 years of developing websites, internet marketing and maintaining business infrastructure.

We Are As Excited About Growing Your Business As You Are!


Growing small businesses like yours is our passion. Being small business owners ourselves, we appreciate how important it is to wisely spend each dollar. We are hard-wired to ensure all clients receive the best service value possible.

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