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We have been engaged in internet marketing since 1999. From that time, the sophistication of search marketing have increased dramatically. We have kept up with these changes and look forward to bringing this expertise to the success of your business.

Organic or Free Search Marketing: Bringing Free Traffic to your Website

Internet Online Organic and Paid Search Marketing Support Organic marketing is web traffic that comes to your site via non-paid advertising. It is mostly drive by your website structure & content, blogs and social media. While challenging, the financial benefits of effectively structuring your site and establishing search friendly content is worth the effort.

Website Structure

Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search Marketing) is the most important aspect of your online marketing strategy. We will develop your site & page structure to optimize search traffic. With the end goal of bringing your desired search outcomes into the first search page.

Website Content

We can assist you with finding the right balance between valuable selling & brand content and the necessary organic search content. There are two needs: one, is to ensure your customers get the information they require for the selling process and secondly, that your content bring customers to your business website site via search.

Social Media & Indirect Online Marketing

Internet Online Organic and Paid Search Marketing Support

Social Media Marketing

Unlike other forms of online marketing, with social media you are interacting with customers one-on-one or via smaller groupings (unless your brand is very well known). To be successful there are no short cuts. However, while the marketing audience is smaller, you have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with the customers you are interacting with. This will reap rewards well into the future of your business.

Blog & Forum Marketing

A good Blog or Forum gives your business an excellent interactive discussion and information site. A good blog gives your business an excellent interactive discussion and information site. It can also increase your overall site ranking.

Links and Like Minded Sites

It is very important to have links from supporting websites. We can assist you in determining the links to select. Each industry has relevant reference pages to consider. They can be a valuable source of leads and can increase site ranking with a strong incoming link.

Paid or Non-Organic Marketing: Paid Traffic to your Website

Internet Online Organic and Paid Search Marketing Support Often you cannot wait for the Organic Marketing to bring up the desired search result or the search result you are seeking is too competitive. In these cases, if there is a financial benefit, you want to establish some paid marketing. Financial measurement data is important with this activity. Paid marketing is almost always Paid Pay Click traffic that comes to your site via various paid mediums. The biggest PPC service is Google Adwords, which is keyword purchasing service. The second is size is Bing Ads. Just by using Google Adwords and Bing Ads your business can reach 90% of searchers.

Measurement for Ongoing Improvement

Internet Online Organic and Paid Search Marketing Support The management of your offline and online data is probably the most important decision for you website after its content. The ability to identify the data being transferred and the automating and systematizing this transfer (ie Google Adwords, products, social media, etc) is essential to the successful management of your marketing efforts.

Offline Marketing Can Be an Important Part of Your Marketing Mix

Business Social Media, Blogs and Links Marketing Support The internet search universe is getting more and more crowded. An affective offline promotion can bring customers to your website beyond your internet efforts. Aspects such as flyers, direct mail, newspaper ads, radio spots and more can all aid your profitable growth.

You Are Interested, What Are The Next Steps?

We live and breath online marketing. We like how our efforts are often tied directly to increased profitability for your business. Contact us today and let us help your business succeed.

The Process

CASE STUDY : The Added Touch in Oakville, Ontario

CASE STUDY : The Added Touch in Oakville, Ontario

We Were Able to Support Sales Growth From $70,000 to $7.5 Million Dollars ($3 Million Online Sales)
Our team experts were able to transform The Added Touch retail store into one of Canada's largest online stores. Over a steady period of time, the online store grew so profitable that it actually replaced the need to keep a physical retail store. The overhead costs associated with having an actual store were no longer needed to sustain a thriving online business.

The Added Touch