SEO For Beginners

New to SEO?

SEO for beginners begins with reading the official Google Search Engine Starter Guide which explains onsite search engine optimisation, signing up to Google’s Official Webmaster Blog and compulsory bedtime reading Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Hands up – have you actually read these golden nuggets?

Be sure to take a look at the impressive Noob guide to online marketing from Unbounce and the companion piece the Noob guide to Link Building. Still beautiful clear guides on how to get authority backlinks or more importantly earn them from a diverse range of resources.

Your Cornerstone : The Content Marketing Plan Has Special Place

As the buzz term content marketing has become ‘in vogue’ there is no shortage of guides like the recent Content Marketing Beginners Guide from Moz and QuickSprouts awesome evergreen Advanced guide to content marketing. But… back to basics, hasn’t the web always been about quality content and dare i say it Content is Queen?

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New to Content Marketing?No digital marketing plan in 2016 would complete without a content marketing strategy, content plan and editorial calendar so check out the Content Marketing Strategy checklist from Velocity. Finally check out Link Building: The Definitive Guide from Brian Dean at Backlinko the most comprehensive guide on the web.

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