Online Development Questionnaire

Online Development Questionnaire

*** You only need to fill out the sections that apply to your business (ie. only Website Marketing) ***

This form is to acquire initial information to aid our discussion about your Online Development Project. Please take your time and try to answer ALL of the questions. Web design and development is a collaborative process and needs your involvement in all stages.

Since every project is unique, we need to know exactly what you are looking to have created. The more information you provide, the better start we will have in fulfilling your needs. If we have any questions about this form please email us at

Before you tell me about your company, let me explain a bit about how we work:
• All sites will be built in WordPress.
• Our expertise is in building a site designed for your specific needs and more importantly; building the marketing that will bring traffic to your site. I will give you the option of jumping in to the level of involvement you would like.
* In addition to Website Development, we are experts in marketing your site and using your Online Development to further overall company goals.

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    Tell me about your Company. Please give me a brief overview of the company, what you do or market?:

    Business Goals

    Is this for an existing website or new website?
    New Website
    Redesign Website

    Website address – or desired Domain(s)

    Additional Website address – or desired Domain(s)

    Do you have a hosting account already? (This is where your website computer files live.)

    Which of the following website design services are you most interested in? Please Choose:
    Branding / Logo Design
    Printed Marketing Materials (business cards, catalog, etc.)
    Website Content (the words and thoughts on your site)
    (Please note that before any real design work or site construction can begin, an outline of the content and preferably all of the content will be needed.)
    Photography Services
    Stock Image Services
    Anything Else You Can Think of Right Now?

    Which of the following website development services are you most interested in? Please Choose:
    Blog that addresses specific topics or interests
    E-commerce Store to sell a product or products online
    Wholesale & Retail Pricing for Ecommerce (if you want eCommerce)
    Sell Your Services
    Community / Portal
    Internal Company/Group Intranet / Extranet
    News or Event Calendar
    Explain your Products and Services
    Provide Support for Current Clients
    Membership of any Kind
    Anything Else You Can Think of Right Now?

    Which of the following website marketing services are you most interested in? Please Choose:
    Unpaid Website Search Marketing
    Paid Website Search Marketing
    Social Marketing For Your Site
    Mailing List for Advertising & Newsletters
    Anything Else You Can Think of Right Now?

    Which of the following website applications are you most interested in? Please Choose:
    Business Email Service
    Payment Gateway (ie Paypal)
    Telephone Line
    Anything Else You Can Think of Right Now?

    Is there deadline or an exact end date you need this project to be finished?
    If you have a specific deadline, please state why?

    What is the budget for this project?

    Any additional features that you would like for your site or things that you would like to add in the future if not mentioned above?

    Online Development


    Approximately how many pages will your site have?

    Please briefly describe the product or service you'd like to promote.

    Name two or three primary competitive sites and their web addresses. Please comment on the strengths and weaknesses of these sites:

    If you have a website, what are your top three problems with your website?

    What do you like most about your current website? If you do not yet have a website, is there a specific look and feel that you have in mind for your website?

    Content & Images

    Do you have any previous marketing materials such as a logo or brochures?

    Do you have content written for your website?

    Do you have images/photographs prepared for your website?

    Will there be sections that need regular updating? Which ones?

    eCommerce (If you are interested in this service)

    What type of products?

    Approximately how many products?

    Online Marketing

    Who will visit this site? Describe your potential clients. Young, old, demographics etc.

    How do people find out about your business right now?

    Why do you believe site visitors should do business with you rather than with a competitor? What problem are you solving for them?

    People are coming to your new site for the first time. How do you want them to feel about your company?

    Have you thought about how you're going to market this site?

    Do you have any social network accounts setup? Please Choose:
    Google Plus
    Online Directories

    What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your site? Please Choose:
    Call you
    Fill out a contact form
    Fill out a quote form
    Sign up for your mailing list
    Search for information
    Purchase a product(s)

    If someone were searching for your product/service, what types of search terms (single words or phrases) might they use?
    Please list all the possible search terms you can think of.

    Ongoing Development and Marketing

    Do you want new content (words) added to your site each month?
    About how many pages and how complex is the information?

    Do you want images updated on your site each month?
    About how many images and is is stock images or photography required?

    Do you want ongoing marketing for your site?
    What type of ongoing marketing would you like?

    Do you need to be able to update your website on your own?


    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Please click submit below to send us your answers.