Internet Marketing Planning Tactics & Channels Reference (SEM)

SEM – Online Internet Digital Marketing Tactics & Channels

Digital Marketing Channels

SEM Paid Marketing

Paid PPC Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

PPC (Paid Per Click)
NOTE: Importance of Long Tail
– Google Adwords (Google Adwords Signup – IMPORTANT: Do Not Sign Up For Express)
– Yahoo/Bing Adwords (Bing Ads Signup)

Paid Social Media Marketing
– Facebook (Facebook Business Ads)
– Twitter (Twitter Ads)
– LinkedIn (LinkedIN Ads)

Other Paid Marketing
– Amazon Amazon Ads
– Ebay Ebay Ads
– Yellow Pages Solutions
– Display Advertising
– Affiliate Marketing

SEO Link Building

Link Building Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

Inbound Links

General Listings (support search and links to your site)
– Blogger
– Craigslist
– Kijiji
– Reddit

Industry / Relevant Sites
– Industry
– Suppliers
– Topics / Groups
– Online communities/forums

Social Media
– Facebook Individual
— Facebook Page
– Google+
— Google Individual Page
— Google Local
— Google Page/Business
– Blogs Etc (LOOK to blogging)
— Blogs
— Questions


– Link Trades
– Industry Pages

SEO Blogging (Purpose to gain Back Links & Content Marketing)

SEO Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

NOTE: One Purpose to Gain Back Links or if You are Lucky a Viral Content Campaign

Blogging Sites / Company and other People
– Blogger (Setting Up A Blogger Page)
– Hubspot (Setting Up A Hubspot Page
– Reddit ( Reddit Signup
– Craigslist (Craigslist Signup)
Google Groups
– Newspaper
– Online PR / Press Releases
– Webinars
– Podcasts

– Become an Expert / Group Leader
– Relevant Forums / Industry Sites / Discussion Groups Etc
– PDFs (Free content – eBooks, white papers))

NOTE for all Sites:
– Narrow Content
– Links

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Site Optimization)

SEO Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

Main Website
– Menu
– Hubs
– Urls
– Keyword Based Urls
– Feeder Websites
– Keywords
– Page Structure
– Content
– Back Pages
– Landing Pages (Content Based – A cornerstone of your Organic marketing is building a good landing page for your product pages)
– Search Based Terms
– Relevant
– Tightly Worded
– Long Tail based
– Specific Pieces

NOTE: Test unique content using copyscape

SMO (Social Media Optimization – Organic)

Social Media Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing & Networking
Hootsuite or other SM Manager (Hootsuite Signup)

– Facebook
— Personal Page
— Company Page
– Twitter
— Personal Page
— Company Page
– Google Plus
— Personal Page
— Company Page
– Google Places/Local/Business
— Company Listing
– LinkedIn (LinkedIN)
— Personal Page (Setting Up A Personal Site)
— Company Page (Setting Up A LinkedIN Company Page)
– Youtube Video Advertising (Youtube)
— Personal Page (Setting Up A Channel)
— Company Page (Setting Up A Channel)

SEM Email Marketing

Email Marketing Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

Create Membership on site
Wordpress has lots of Plugins
Marketing (watch out – don’t want to blacklist your domain)
Rentals that are Behavioral Based

Third Party Sellers
– Groupon
– Living Social
– Wagjag
– Other

NOTE: Good inbound and sending / Mailchimp and Constant Contact

eCommerce Considerations

e-Commerce Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

– WordPress
— Pro: Can take it anywhere, Can do a lot more
— Con: Have to do your own SEO, Not as simple as HTML site
– HTML Site
— Pro: Clean and fast, Less virus attacks
— Con: On your own somewhat, Harder to get up and going
– Third Party Site (ie. Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify)
— Pro: Usually Good SEO, Security built in
— Con: Limited customization

SEM Offline Traditional Advertising (make sure to measure)

Traditional Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan

Direct Mail
– Traditional Direct Mail
– Promo Items
– Post Cards

– Community Papers

– Flyers

Coupon Mailers
– Valupak


Website Online Internet Digital Marketing Plan Measurements

– Google Webmaster
– Bing Analytics/Webmaster

Google Ranking
NOTE: Used to easy, not anymore

Google Analytics
– Traffic
– Source
– Sessions / Unique
– Page Views
– Time on Site
– Referrers
– Site
– Keywords
– Landing Pages

Good Traffic
– Bounce / One page and then leave (want that second page)
– Time on Site (want them to stay longer)

Your Own System
– Spreadsheet
– Keywords
– Sources

Site Measurement Service
IBM Watson Analytics

SEO Support
WordPress SEO Tutorial / Yoast

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
NOTE: Feedback circle, read and react and then read data again, etc.


Also see SEOmoz – which digital channels are right for my business? and Convince and Converts How to Choose the Right Social Channels to Reach Your Customers.

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