Computer Support – The Importance Of Backing Up Your Computer

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Computer

Importance of Backing Up Your Computer A computer backup makes your computer almost (depending on how your backup) invincible to any threat to your files and information.

A computer backup will help ensure you are protecting things such as priceless memorable pictures and essential legal or information documents.

With the proper backup you can rest easy, knowing your are protected from computer hard drive failure, Malware (viruses or spyware), computer harm from a fire or another disaster or from computer theft.

The Important Elements of Backup

1. Do A Simple Backup Now!

Do you have a USB key or a portable hard-drive? Simply, just take it and copy over your important files (ie excel, word, image files, etc). Usually these files are no more than 1GB or so. And these days most of these simple devices come with a fairly large memory. If you don’t have one you can pick one up at any computer or office store.

Also unfortunately for a strange reason, programs decide to place files in various places that often don’t make sense. Take a look around your computer and find these additional files if you can.

2. Do A Full Computer Backup

Every computer should have this bullet proof backup system, this gives your computer super powers. What is done is cloning the entire hard drive (with daily automatic backups). So if you computer every fails, all that is needed to be done is switching the hard drive and “voila” your computer is ready to go.

3. Backup Often

It is very important to automate the backup process. The more often you backup (with rotating destination) the better.

4. Move Your Backup To Another Location

In case of an event like a theft or fire, you want the rotating Backup to moved to a different location. This is an essential step.

Different files should be backed up at different times to different devices. Also, your entire computer drive should be cloned on two device.

5. Don’t Forget To Check Your Backup

Often verify your Backup to see that it is still working and backing up what it should. Even test retrieving from Backup.

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2 Responses to “Computer Support – The Importance Of Backing Up Your Computer”

By Socorro - 15 November 2014

For a really siplme chat program you can just use IRC.You can connect to a chat room (this can be private) and then connect directly to another user (this is called DCC) to transfer files. The nice thing about doing it this way is that the connection to the chat room is persistent. You don’t have to have both computers online at the same time. You can have one computer connect to the room and then wait (many IRC users leave it on for days or weeks) until the other user shows up.

By Mohamed - 14 October 2012

Well, this back up method will not work all the time. It depends on the New computer’s motherboard and the OS for the system. The best way to back up data is to get it all on one IDE/SATA to USB connector. Under $20 from eBay or Fry’s. Just get your old drive out and connect to the USB, plug into your computer then you are ready to back up. 100% working all the time, unless your at hard-drive death.

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