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A well thought out, feature rich, affordable home office, can be invaluable for a home business. A home office is ideal for many people as a primary or secondary source of income:

– starting a new business venture from home
– stay at home mom starting her own side business (or hobby turned business)
– retired person wanting to pursue a new line of work or simply an online hobby job
– secondary income from a home project
– recently out of work or laid off, and wanting to pursue another income avenue
– maternity leave but ambitious
– online business venture
– working remotely from home for a larger company

Setting up a home office isn’t as easy as the comfort of working in one. If you’re used to having your company tech guy being nearby, it can be a bit daunting having to fix small quirks that easily occur with electronic equipment and computers. Rest assured, we are merely a phone call away and can set up up in a way that feels comfortable efficient and productive. If you run into any technical problems, we will be happy to help you out.

At first glance a home office can seem a bit overwhelming to coordinate especially setting up the right equipment and machines to “talk to each other” in a seamless productive way. Once we better understand what your home business needs are about, we can recommend what functions would best be served with your computer programs and the right secondary equipment.

Here are some options below:

Computers:. Desktop, laptop and smartphone/cellphone. This choice of computer(s) depends on your business. If you are required to leave your office and what you need to do when away. In addition, an integration of machines is essential. If you are away from your home office, but want to stay connected to your business updates, a data serviced smart phone can be indispensable.

Internet Connection, Network and Plan:. Service plan and devices that require internet. For a home office you will likely want wired and wireless connections, and since internet service will be used mostly throughout the home, your bandwidth should be considered. Like your selections of computers above, you need to consider what type of work and information you need while away from the office.

Peripherals: Other office devices such as monitors, back up devices, high quality scanner, universal port replicator (dock laptop), camera, keyboard/mouse, talking headset, skype (video calling) and online file storage of documents are just a few things that might assist you depending on your work requirements.

Printer: Print quality, ongoing printer costs, wireless option for wider home use and a stand-alone printer versus multifunction device (combination fax, scanner, and printer) are some options to also consider.

Phone: Your choice of landline versus cellular versus VOIP (voice over IP) will depend on call volume, saving on long distance charges, portability and messaging needs for your business. You don’t need to rack up long distance charges using your home phone. There are cost effective options that many businesses now use to make unlimited calls without the extra costs.

Fax: You have a choice of online versus landline. Recently, there have been new developments that have made it much easier to move away from a landline fax to a more cost effective online fax. The online fax method replaces the manual fax machine and transports your online documents via fax using a paperless system. Incoming faxes can also be received via your computer.

Networking & Security: We often find there is a good combination of wired and wireless connections. We would make sure that your network is secure from outside threats.

Office Environment and Furniture: We can help you with some office furnishings as suggestions but you probably have an idea of the theme or colour scheme you want your office to have as well as the furniture. Your most important piece will likely be your chair. It should be comfortable adjustable and make you feel ready to make money. Do make sure your home office is also covered in your home insurance policy. Many people forget to include this onto their policies.

The Most Important Part of Your Home Office Will Be Your Computer Hardware and Software

Your computer is the most important piece of your home office. Your computer can be your email and voice communications center. Your computer can be your data file and information cabinet in the office, and while you’re on the road. It is your financial, numbers and writing tool. It can be your selling device online, producing materials for offline and more.

Essentially, you want your home office environment to thrive successfully and cost effectively as it would in a corporate environment. You are the main personnel in a home office, so it is important to select the best options to maximize your time and energy. We can provide any outside tech support you need in setting up and maintaining your equipment and software.

We can guide you in your computer hardware upgrade or purchase decision. We will sit down with you and get an overview of your inside and outside the office technology needs. Take the time to think it over thoroughly and you will save money and gain productivity.

Your software choices are vast and surprisingly quite affordable (free!) for many programs. Let us help you access your needs and find the right software programs for your home office tasks.

Do Not Forget The Importance of Doing Back Ups!

Whatever you do in your home office, take care of this function first. A computer hard drive usually goes RIGHT AWAY or after some time.

We’ve seen people lose days even weeks worth of data or file updates because while being consumed in their work, they forgot to do daily backups. Suddenly their computer crashes and with that, all their recent work to date is gone. This can be prevented by setting up weekly or even daily “back up” programs that keep your files always current and up-to-date. We can set an automatic backup to take place at 3am for example, so while you sleep, your machine backs everything to date.

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