How to Build a Good Landing Page


Good Landing Page How To Guide



Meaningful Content

– Keep them on the page

– Actively update your website and webpage

– Content should be easy to read

Unique Content

– Never copy another sites content and if you do…change the working and sentence structure significantly

– Never even copy from your own page. Try to ensure all content is unique.

Focused Content

– Google needs to know what your page is about (however sometimes they want options, sometimes they want something specific)

– There is a debate long (at least 1900 words) or shorter (300 to 700 words). Google does like long, but you do not want to drive away users.

– Differentiate your page somehow (location, a specific problem, industry, etc)

Encourage Blog Comments

– Google likes engagement on a page



Optimum Keyword Usage

– Your optimum keyword string should be used in about 1 to 2% of text (one/two keywords per 100 words)

– Focus on long tail unless you are really, really good (get a lot of a little rather than nothing from a lot)

– Used in first 100 words

– Use specific keyword string

– Place in extra power with modifiers (location, etc)

– Use keyword(s) in title, heading <h1>, url, content, and in meta-description

– Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) – Word sequences and sentences related to your desire keyword string

– If you have WordPress use Yoast



Links Outbound

– Place outbound links to related and relevant sites

– Trusted and worthy sites are better

Links Internal

– Place links to other related and relevant pages within your site

Links Inbound

– Use your social media to link into your page

– Try to get an industry or any trustworthy site to link into your page



Ease of Navigation

– For a product, a quick way to buy

– No pops or other hindrances

– Cleanly organized page and site

Page Speed Time

– Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

– Check the page vs Google Page Speed

– Another site to help you work on page speed

Mobile Friendly (and for all Screen Sizes)

– Responsive to mobile and all screens


– Domain age
– No Malware
– About Us / Contact Us
– Trusted site inbound links to your site



Meta Description

– Insert a good meta description

Title & Tagline

– Start Title with Keyword
– Put in search qualifiers to grab some long-tail

Headings and Subheadings

– Title wrapped in <h1>
– Subheadings wrapped with <h2>


– Shorter to the point better – 3 to 5 words
– Target keywords should be in the URL


– Image names same as desired search term
– Compelling enough to hold user on page (ie infographic)



Social Media

– Use for inbound links
– Try to drive from your site for further engagement



Google Analytics and Webmaster/Console

– Setup Google Analytics to test your page

– Also, setup Google Webmaster/Search Console

Setup An A/B Test

– Try different page configurations and content



According to Google

A Good Discussion from Backlinko

Good article by Yoast

Smartinsights Discussion

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