Important Information To Review Before Becoming An Amazon Seller

Here Is Quick List of Aspects To Consider If You Are Considering Becoming An Amazon Seller

It is very important that before you open up your account on Amazon, that you consider the various rules and regulations for sellers. Amazon is know to have a “quick trigger” in closing down accounts that violate any rules.

The List

On May 7, 2012, launched Add-on Items. This new feature applies to qualifying products offered on and fulfilled through Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This includes Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) products.

Add-on Items are products at a low price point that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. Add-on Items ship with orders that include $25 or more of items shipped by Amazon and are eligible for free shipping within the U.S.

To purchase Add-on Items, customers just include them in an order with $25 or more of the millions of items shipped by Amazon. Customers who are members of Amazon Prime will receive FREE Two-Day Shipping on the Add-on Items in those orders. Add-on Items are also eligible for FREE Shipping.

Add-on Items expand the selection of products customers can find on and make it a more attractive destination for customers to find all the items they want.

Learn more about Add-on Items:

The Add-on program applies to all Amazon-fulfilled products at the ASIN level, whether sold by Amazon or by sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon. These include certain products at price points that make them cost-prohibitive to ship as single units. This product is included in the Add-on program and cannot be exempted from the Add-on program.


Although Amazon undertakes regular Hazmat reviews to update our product restrictions, please understand that all sellers are responsible for ensuring that products sent to Amazon fulfillment centers comply with FBA’s policies and any legal requirements regarding Hazmat, even if they are not currently restricted by FBA.

Which Amazon Products Might Be Hazmat?

FBA Product Restrictions

Hazardous Materials Identification Guide


The Long-Term Storage Fee is only charged during our semi-annual inventory cleanup events: August 15 and February 15. All inventory is accounted for on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis by the fulfillment centers.

Six weeks prior to each Inventory Cleanup event, the Recommended Removals and Inventory Health report will show an estimate of the inventory units that will be charged the Long-Term Storage Fee if not sold or removed from inventory. This report enables you to quickly submit removal orders for affected inventory units. Go to the Recommended Removal report:

For more information on Long-Term Storage, go to this page:

Inventory Health Report

Amazon Fulfillment Reports


FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy

Customer Returns for Orders Fulfilled by

FBA Fee Change Announcements

Seller University:

Biggest Difference Between Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing is a Much More dynamic Process than Traditional Marketing


Even viewed from a traditional Marketing background, it is easily understood that Internet Marketing is built on a wide assortment of methods to build sales via keywords, images and behaviour. Less obvious, Internet Marketing has an extremely effective feedback loop via the many forms of analysis unlike Traditional Marketing.

All aspects of an Internet Marketing Plan should have some type measurement. And as important, your plans should allow for an adjustment after the first month. Unlike traditional marketing, Internet Marketing allows you to:

1) Read the effectiveness of a marketing activity very quickly, often within days; allowing you to rapidly adjust your offer, product/service (in some cases), medium, etc.

2) Allows you to follow an Internet Marketing element/aspect (ie Youtube, Pay Per Click, content page, display ads, etc) that is succeeding and very rapidly expand upon it.


An Internet Marketing Plan Should Be Adapted Each Month in Light of Incoming Measurements


With Digital Marketing, unlike Traditional Marketing, the planning process needs to be more fluid. Or better stated, the planning process CAN BE more fluid. With your first Digital Marketing efforts, you should attempt a diverse mixture of promotions, so that you can quickly ascertain viable Digital Marketing efforts.

Reading your results after one month, you want to adjust your Internet Marketing Plan accordingly. Changing or capitalizing on working Offers, Products or Services and Mediums being used. Each and every month, the Internet Marketing plan is a living document, adjusting with each new month.

With Traditional Marketing, changes occurs over time with the planning process; a quick roll-out of what is working is often not possible.