Online Marketing

If your business is not yet on the internet or already online, we can assist you with site content, organic and pay-per-click marketing and more. Depending on your website, we can develop your search word content and page structure for organic marketing and set up your paid search marketing programs. Finally, set up your online research to gauge performance. Our clients are small to medium sized businesses. We can work with you as closely as you need or would like, depending on how much leg-work you wish to do.

Online Marketing

Online Development

We will assist you in developing an appealing website with a strong emphasis on searchable content and search friendly design. While we understand the look of your website is important; we know the importance of delivering financial results. The ability of the website to integrate seamlessly into your overall operation is as essential as the content within the site. We have the expertise and experience in all aspects of a business and will bring this expertise into your website development.

Online Development

Information Technology

We can take a look at your entire business operations and help you with any problem or opportunity areas in supporting your online and offline business. In any recommendation we ensure that your information technology aligns with your company profitability. We have expertise in all aspects of running and maximizing the performance of a business. From computer hardware & software, to website/office integration, database development, lead/sales management and overall ways to optimize your business.

Information Technology

How Can We Help Your Business?

No matter the size of your business, where you are, your experience, your website stage of development. eosFirst has a solution to elevate your business.

Pricing & Packages

About Company

We are a consulting company offering a complete online solution. Our team is composed of seasoned veterans with a wide variety of skills. We have over 30 years Information Technology experience and 15 years of Internet Development Experience. We have expertise with all aspects of a business to ensure your support matches your overall business goals.

Our support is in three areas:
1) The development of your website.
2) The marketing of your website and business.
3) The technology surrounding your website and your entire business.

Most of our clients are small to medium sized businesses. However we have supported the development of businesses up to sales one billion.

We have a focus on value, making sure that we see a gain to your business. If there is any doubt we will tell you.

We will ensure that our support matches what your business needs. Often we work on a phased in basis, doing only what is necessary and then taking your business further as required.

What People Say

  • Fine Foods was looking for a new SEO agency to partner with our end user clients to drive sales of our products. The large number of stakeholders made the work fairly complex. We chose eosFirst over other agencies due to their willingness to think out of the box and train everyone as the project unfolded. Their efforts contributed to a product growth of 3 times sales growth for the least selling product to 11 times sales growth for the best selling product.

    Paul Crighton / Fine Foods Inc. /

Google Certified Partner

Google Certified Partner

Design And Development

  • Web Development Solutions
  • Award Winning Web Design
  • Brand Development
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing Expertise

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Enterprise SEO And PPC

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